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Forensic Services

Digital Evidence Lifecycle Management

Once the investigation process begins, the data under scrutiny is subjected to series of events from the time evidence is collected to when it is submitted for analysis. The standard digital forensic process consists of data acquisition, analysis and reporting.

Incident Response

A forensic investigation can be called for in the case of unauthorized system access, employee wrongdoing, intellectual property (IP) theft or regulatory compliance requests.

Evidence collection and analysis strategy

An effective data forensics plan will minimize the risk of forensic data contamination and loss. A comprehensive evidence collection strategy will clearly show how Mocato specialists intend to preserve data integrity and the chain custody.

Data Integrity Preservation

During the investigation, the integrity of the data must be safeguarded in order to meet evidentiary standards and to minimize operational down time.

Clandestine computer forensic collections

We can collect and preserve digital evidence without alerting potential suspects involved in a case.

Electronic document forgery analysis

This type of analysis will reveal if the electronic documents under investigation may have been falsified.

Forensic Analysis and Reporting

Data forensic analysis and reporting will reveal how the data has been manipulated, by whom and when. This type of analysis forms just one part of the entire investigation and concerns evidence secured form digital devices.

Data Recovery

Forensic Data Recovery may be required for the following incidents: Accidental or Intentional Data Deletion/Destruction, Password-protected files, Encrypted files and drives, and Loss or tracking of Email/Text Messages.

Chain of Custody Management

Maintaining the chain of custody ensures that when the evidence is reviewed, it is clear who has come into contact with the data and what work has been performed.


Case management and review strategy

Once forensic data has been collected and analysed, the next stages in the E-Discovery process are processing and review. Mocato can provide expertise necessary to effectively manage and review cases.

Data Collection and Processing

Relevant documents are identified and then the E-discovery review process extracts those required for discovery requests and privilege using document review software platforms and analytic tools.


Once a production details have been agreed upon, documents and associated load files are turned over to opposing counsel.