Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics (also known as Data Forensics or Digital Forensics) consists of collecting and preserving Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”) found on digital devices, typically as part of the larger E-Discovery process during an investigation. The resulting forensic analysis can be used in the following scenarios:

  • Court proceedings, to support or contradict a case before the court
  • Internal corporate investigations
  • Regulatory compliance requests required by governing industry bodies

At Mocato, our goal is to provide the accurate and timely identification, preservation, collection and analysis of ESI. We do our due diligence to ensure that evidentiary value of the data and relevant storage media is preserved during the investigation.  Senior Mocato computer forensic consultants are experienced in Computer, Network, Database and Mobile device forensics. They identify, recover and acquire ESI from a variety of media using a suite of computer forensic imaging and authentication tools in order to preserve data integrity, and the chain of custody.

Once we have obtained the evidence, we then develop the most effective combination of planning and use of technology for each specific client, resulting in the presentation of digital evidence which exceeds established industry standards.

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