E-Discovery supports the review and exchange of relevant electronically stored information (“ESI”) in support of litigation.  The E-Discovery process identifies information which may be required as supporting evidence material during civil litigation, criminal investigation, regulatory inquiry, internal investigation or regulatory compliance disclosure. Regulatory and market pressures have made E-Discovery more relevant than ever before, especially for organizations who want to remain competitive by being proactive with their data management policies.

As technology continues to evolve, so does the way ESI is created, stored and presented. An E-Discovery compliance order can be expensive, time-consuming and operationally disruptive because of the sheer volume of electronic data, number of data formats and storage locations that may be under potential analysis.

Mocato specialists can help you define a focused E-Discovery strategy that will manage your E-Discovery workload efficiently, while minimizing risk and costs and help you get the most out of the available discovery and forensic tools

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