Records Management

Our Approach

Our expertise in corporate record management grew as natural extension of our work in E-Discovery. We specialize in proactive IT and Data Management as part of Operational Effectiveness and Business Transformation projects. We combine our technical expertise with our business operations knowledge to formulate the efficient and streamlined records management process for our clients. Our approach is three-fold: identification of records and their sources, employee training, and the controlled allocation and disposal of sensitive information.

How We Can Help

Mocato will assess your company’s unique challenges within the records management workflow and identify key opportunities for improvement. We place a high value on stakeholder involvement so that expectations are understood, project priorities are addressed and that client resources are identified and allocated efficiently. Industry standards and data management best practices are incorporated into our strategic response to the client’s organizational needs.

We strive to maintain a two-way communication for the duration of the project life cycle in addition to providing consistent support and knowledge transfer. We believe this is the best way to implement efficiencies while minimizing operational downtime. We uphold employee training as a key element of lasting change to records management procedures. Our commitment is to build strong infrastructure for the organization’s future and leave a lasting legacy in the form of clear and enforceable corporate information policies and procedures.