Effective Solutions for Extraordinary Circumstances

Information Security and Incident Response Planning

As the amount of electronic data increases, so do the opportunities for digital crime such as fraud, Intellectual Property theft, unauthorized access and system sabotage. Mocato can help you be resilient in the event of cyber aggression by helping you plan and prepare a suite of defenses that suit your unique circumstances.

An updated and tested Incident Response Plan (“IRP”) can provide a number of benefits to your organization, such as minimizing financial damages and operational disruption, while enhancing communications, documentation and team work.

We are passionate about helping companies develop security architecture that fits their organizational and operational requirements. The Mocato team will collaborate with you to assess your readiness to mitigate threats and implement solutions that can keep your organization proactive instead of reactive.

Computer Forensics

Our Computer Forensics specialists are experienced with all aspects of forensic investigation and data preservation, such as forensic collection, data processing, case analysis and end review. Our strategies are designed to address the unique aspects of Electronically Stored Information (“ESI”)  identification, processing, preservation, review and presentation.

We help you navigate every stage of the forensic investigation process so that you will minimize the risks and expense associated with electronic data spoliation, regulatory and legal non-compliance. Our analysts will work with you to improve your internal processes and develop a pro-active response to threats.


Our E-Discovery experts will help you navigate every stage of the E-Discovery life cycle and support your legal counsel by applying our knowledge of legal principles to the collection, management and presentation of ESI for litigation purposes.

We develop IT infrastructure and provide software solutions for the efficient and cost-effective execution of litigation support processes such as data preparation, data review, data processing, case management, case analysis and end review. We work closely with your personnel and legal team in order to meet your requirements and provide high-quality deliverables.

Technology Consulting

Our IT management and business consulting professionals have spent over a decade helping clients achieve operational excellence through innovative strategic development, profitable business transformation and successful project execution. Integrating technology initiatives into existing operations is often complex and challenging. From long-term business and technology implementations to fast-paced litigation support projects, we strive to develop holistic solutions which respond to the specific business needs of the end-user and the Enterprise as a whole.