Project Management

Our Approach

Our philosophy states: communication, collaboration and consistency. The three C’s work together to create a superior client experience that Mocato is well-known for. We help clients efficiently implement projects which reinforce organizational goals and propel business priorities forward. Our specialists couple strong interpersonal skills with effective communications to set a positive tone for the duration of the project and direct the flow of information to the appropriate point people at the right time.

We approach the process of Project Management with a comprehensive view of the specific business and technical environments of our corporate clients. Project leadership, risk management, issues resolution and stakeholder engagement are all skills that we bring to the fore of any team assignment we are guiding. We love our collaborative work and embrace the challenges that each project presents. Team building is one of our areas of strength and we prioritize strengthening our relationships with all stakeholders, staff and vendors. We make sure that the discipline, clarity of vision and strong management structure are maintained for our team and yours.

How We Will Help You

Our client-centred problem-solving project management solutions are based on strategically managing business, technical and human resources to reach project deliverables within schedule and budget constraints. To that end, we commit to consistently keep the communication and learning channels open between our team and the client’s network, build proactive risk management and quality control metrics into the project management process and transfer knowledge effectively.